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Well I found out my girlfriend cheated on me and was back together with her ex and she didn't bother to tell me, so I decided I deserved a well needed fix. Well i hadn't shot up Meth in quite a while and I have a heart condition so it wasn't a good idea but i wasn't really thinking at the time. Thank god my friend Gus was around because about a minute or two after words i collapsed on the floor. I don't really remember the rest but i remember waking up on his bed and my heart was pounding it felt like it was going to beat through my chest, plus the other side affects of meth blah blah. I dunno it scared me and made me realize i can't handle that shit anymore, which in some sense made me sad. But i wouldn't have a heart condition if it was for the damned drugs anyway.. but i dunno if i am ready to stop.. does anyone have any adivice or a good motive to help stop?
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