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Looking For Comfort

I use to cut myself when things became too much
when thoughts would rush thru my head
when pain would captivate me
an i needed a way for it to stop
when i hated myself
an saw that my future was dead
i havent doen that in quite a while now, but i am going to be movin soon an starting a new school. My fear is that i will get depressed and not fit in like when i moved to where i am currently at. I now if this happens i will most likely cut myself. I dont liek duin it becasue i always regret it when i see the scars, and when ppl call em crazy or insane for doing that.

I hate admiting to cuting myself b/c the way ppl react to it. when i found this community i was relieved, b/c i noe now that i am not alone, im no the only 1 who does it.

Does n e one noe sum way to help me
sum kind of technique to stop myself from cutting when the depression becomes too much im so sick of the scars
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