lynxyoukai (lynxyoukai) wrote in bleeding_fae,

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not sure

Not sure why I decided to post. Not sure why I'm feeling down/mad. I...just did and just am. Today hasn't really been particularily bad but, for whatever reason, I'm in a bad kinda mood. Everything just sucks right now. I keep thinking about how nice cutting would be...I know, stupid. I find myself thinking about what it'd be sweet would that pain be to me... Again, stupid, but that's what I'm like. Sometimes I wonder why I don't cut...I mean, how would my family know...would those around me be able to tell and, perhaps more importantly, would they care/try to stop me. I'd think no but I'm probably wrong. They still haven't forgotten about me...I'm still visible. I still smoke too much and drink when I can. Anyway, I don't really know what I came here to say but maybe I got something out...something I wanted to say. As I said in my intro post, please don't worry about or feel too sorry for me...I have to convince too many people to forget about me already...

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